Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eight Months

Here we go!  I think we are over the hump sickness-wise.  You'll need another ear check this week sometime, but as far as how you're acting, I think we are good to go. (Touch every piece of wood in a 10 foot radius and cross all of our fingers and toes!!)

Your seventh month was quite eventful, what with the sickness, but it was still a great month overall.

Since we went to the doctor, oh about a hundred times, we know that you are definitely over 21 pounds.  Not sure about your height, but your car seat maxes out at 30 inches, and you are dangerously close to hanging out both sides.  We're looking in to getting you a big girl seat, so if anyone has any suggestions we're listening!

Your biggest milestone this month, by far, was learning to crawl.  Or rather, scoot.  You do this goofy army crawl that I can't really explain, so I shot a quick video of you to document your lightning speed, and the reason you have pretty much full body carpet burn at all times now:

You can stand for short periods of time now if you have something to lean on.  Also, holy snot-face batman.

There was a lot to celebrate this month... up first was St. Patty's day, celebrated in style thanks to a tutu from your friend (and ours) Haley.  You attracted lots of attention when we went and ate Cajun food with your grandma and grandpa (yeah, we're not Irish, sorry dear... we'll still kiss ya though!)  Also, white onesies were apparently your outfit of choice... you kind of grew out of all of your 6-9 month clothes, so it was slim pickin's for awhile.  Don't worry, the grandmas have you well stocked once again!

 Up next, your Aunt Lauren and Uncle Steven came home from their year in Honduras.  The last time you saw them you were just 3 days old!  You got reacquainted really quickly, though.

 And you had your first Easter (and your first photo bomb... thanks, sir.)

You also got the hang of riding in shopping carts like a big girl. You're so fancy.  I feel like I'm going to be seeing this face a lot in about 12 years...

Thankfully you also did LOADS more of THIS this month:

You are also SUPER into:
  • The Backyardigan's theme song
  • Any sort of animal that comes into your line of site
  • Books books books
  • Blowing raspberries and making the "cluck" sound with your tongue as loudly as possible in public (it has made even grown men giggle)
  • Being ridiculously adorable pretty much all the time
  • Growing teeth
    • You got two this month (bottom front)!  Not that you would show them to me AT ALL during this photo shoot. Best we could do...

There are few things you are not, so much loving this month.  Those things include (but are not limited to):
  • Taking oral antibiotics (thanks for the nose-pinch trick, Uncle Steve!)
  • Having your diaper changed
  • Having your clothes changed
  • Being held for any lengthy period of time
  • Sharing toys at daycare 
    • You were bitten on your hand by a toddler who wanted the toy phone you were playing with.  You were inconsolable and required several rounds of The Itsy-Bitsy Spider to recuperate.  Now, it's okay to let things go, Avery.  It's a good skill to have in life, and daycare.
  • The baby jail play pen 

You are just so. much. fun.  I was going through photos and pretty much had to decide that there was no way to cram all of your awesomeness into just this one post or it would take people until you were nine months for this one to load.  You're just so stinkin' cute we can't get over it.  Facial expressions, noises, everything.

You take our breath away, baby girl.  Happy 8 months!

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  1. She's so cute. I love all the little noises she makes while crawling :)