Thursday, April 12, 2012

Are You Down with the Sickness?

Because we are... fo sho.

Yes, as my hundreds of three faithful blog readers reminded me, today Avery is eight months old.  As always, crazy!  However, her monthly post will have to wait for a day or so, because homegirl is sick.

For the last couple of weeks it has been one thing after another, and we have been in and out of the doctor's office, the ER, and Acute Kids more times than I care to count. 

It started with pink eye, which of course I noticed at 8:30pm on a Sunday night... so off to the ER we went.  After shoving our gel covered fingers in her eyes every four hours (super pleasant for everyone... especially the part where Sam figured out that you can use the straps on the high chair as baby arm restraints when you're flying solo for the finger in the eye business... yay strategic parenting!) for three days with very little improvement in the pinkness / crustiness we went to the doctor.  Where we discovered she also had a double ear infection.   Not that you could tell between the smiles and the learning to crawl.

A round of oral antibiotics later and the next weekend I notice that the inside of her mouth looks weirdly... white.  And she's developing a nasty diaper rash.  So we trucked off to the Acute Kids on Saturday afternoon to get outfitted with the thrush medication and then Avery enjoyed her first (super minor-league) hockey game... it was a playoff game a real nail-biter!

Then, Easter morning she wakes up with her eyes all crusted shut, again.  A quick call to the doctor at 8am and we have antibiotic eye drops to take to grandma's to hang out with all of our cousins.  Who are not allowed to touch her, you know because of the pink eye.  Except that they did, because who can resist those chunky cheeks?

"I'm just going to touch her in her pretty pink eye..."

We're having a great time playing Uno that night when all of sudden Avery throws up.  Which isn't that weird until she does it again.  And then she kind of slumps over, and throws up again.  So, back to (another) Acute Kids we go.  She rallied pretty quickly though... this is her after just two hours of baby Zofran and PediaLite.  Earlier she was so sad looking that I cried:

By some divine Easter puke miracle no one else caught the stomach bug and we thought we were in the clear.  But no, yesterday her ear starts leaking fluid, so we're back at the doctor... again.  With another double ear infection... and another round of antibiotics.  Sigh.

This time, though, I think she's really feeling it.  She's been clingy and fussy and went down about six tonight and only woke up to suck down a bottle and then immediately fell back asleep on me and is still out.  I'm going to have to wake her up to give her another round of eye/mouth/tushy meds and I know it's going to pretty much just rip my mommy heart out.  Hmmm... wonder what Sam's up to?

Really, though, I just feel awful for her and really really want her to be back to her normal smiley feelin' good self sooner rather than later.

Because the laundry is really piling up around here, and somebody needs to do it.


  1. Awww I want her to be better too!

  2. Poor baby!! I hope she is feeling better soon :(