Monday, May 7, 2012


We've been pretty busy over here at the Hosack house.  Not exciting-busy, really, just busy-busy.  Really, this post might also demonstrate that we are the most boring people on the planet, so be jealous.

Turns out babies AND houses are spency...

So we've been getting our kicks by playing "pin the Cheerio on the baby"

Just kidding... learning to eat is tough work!

And then we baked some awesome cookies to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. 
As my mother would say, "Ole!"

Then, because we ate so many cookies, we had to dance off the calories.

We also scored some free food (and awesome company) with a visit to 
Great Grandma and Papa Wayne's.  We made ourselves comfortable, and had a few laughs.

I'm also reading this book, and it's kind of awesome and is making me more mindful of the abundant blessings smack dab in the middle of our (never) boring life.

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