Thursday, January 19, 2012

Five Months

Well, it's almost a week late, but here we are at your five month post, Averycakes. 

This month has been bananas, what with your first visit to Santa, first Christmas and New Year (which I still need to blog and back-date), first taste of real food, and so much more.  The time flew by.  You are huge.  We have no idea exactly how huge, though, as you didn't have a doctor's appointment this month.  (And yes, everything is fine with your heart, I'll be posting about that at some point, too.)  You are still squeezing into a few of your 3-6 month outfits, but it's mostly 6-9 month stuff now.

You did have your first taste of food not long ago, but your tongue thrust reflex was still pretty strong, and while you are borderline obsessed with any food we are eating, you didn't seem that interested in the oatmeal cereal.  So, we didn't push it, and still offer it to you every couple of days.  Tonight you literally almost ripped the spoon out of my hand trying to shove it in your mouth, so I'd say interest is picking up!

You love the crap out of your bouncer.  When you're in it, you are just so busy that it's fun to watch.  It's also one of your favorite places to demonstrate your newly acquired skill of raspberry blowing.  And mommy can shove a Lean Cuisine in her face prepare and eat a healthy and delicious lunch / dinner while your in it, so win win.

Your 4th month was not a stellar one for sleep. You slept through the night like, never, but that seems to have calmed down now, thank you sweet baby Jesus (and Mary). We're still playing catch up, so you know, there are still Christmas bags lying around, and cats on the dining room table, and well, we're still kind of a disaster, but what are you giong to do?

You also love Daddy Surfing.

And being adorable in general.

You went from being thisclose to rolling from your back to your front, to, "Oh, no big deal, I do this whenev" overnight.  Oh, and yes, you can totally sit up now.  Not for long, and there is always a hand nearby, but you can do it, especially if you're leaning forward a bit or have something to support your hands.

"Sitting in the Bumbo is for babies!"

Today, though, you literally made me cry.  I really should have blogged on the 12th, because in just the last week you have blossomed.  Your coordination and concentration have seemed to explode and then, all of a sudden you were sitting... assisted by just your hands in front of you.  It was so grown up, and so far from the squishy baby we had with us just a couple of months ago that it literally took my breath away.  Just writing this, I can feel myself tearing up again, and for so many reasons... there is the sadness of course that one stage of your life is so undeniably over, but there is also a measure of pride that we have managed not break you we are doing at least something right as you hit all of these milestones, and mostly a deep deep gratefulness that we have been able to be there for you and soke up these tiny but somehow miraculous moments.  You amaze me every single day (even if sometimes it is by staying awake for seemingly endless hours at 3am) and every gummy smile steals another little piece of my heart.  We love you more than there are stars in the sky, nugget.

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