Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Four Months

It seems like just yesterday I was typing up your three month post, baby girl!  You are officially another month older. 

Yesterday you had your 4 month check up and clocked in at 15lbs 9oz and 25.75 inches long.  Yeah, you're a big solid baby. 

Your month four milestones included increased neck strength (although your grandmother was convinced for like a week that you definitely had tortecollis), being able to stalk things with your eyes, reaching & grabbing and rolling from your front to your back.  And I'm not 100% sure, but I think you hit the 1 million mark for smiles as well.

Mostly, you are just becoming more and more of a person.  Sometimes it's like we can literally see you thinking as you look at a toy or something else that you want to stuff in your mouth grasp. 

"You're like hands... but bigger... I'd like to put you in my mouth."

People ask us all the time what stands out most being first time parents.  I always answer without hesitation, how much fun we're having.  We can seriously just sit and laugh at you for hours. 

You mean you're not laughing with me?

You're also an excellent drooler.

You love that baby in the mirror.

My favorite time of day is your bedtime.  Unfortunately I don't get to spend a ton of time with you when I get home from work, because you're pretty ready for bed soon after, but I love getting to put you to bed every night.  I nurse you and then give you a bottle (because, ummm, you're eating like 8oz at a time and Mommy can't quite keep up!) and then I put you in your pajamas and your swaddle blanket and we rock and read a book and say your prayers.  I rock you until you are drowsy and then put you in your crib with the mobile on.  It's the best part of my day, hands down.

The doctor did give us a little bit of disconcerting news.  You still have that heart murmur, and after the other doctor in the practice listened to it, we'll be going to the pediatric cardiologist on Friday.  We know that everything will be fine, as you're not exhibiting any alarming symptoms and your growth is at the top of the charts, but your dad and I will definitely be glad when the visit is over and done.

It's a privilege to be your mom and dad.  Love you times a million dillion.

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  1. She has the cutest facial expressions and the best smile! We'll be thinking of y'all and sending lots of love on Friday for her Dr. appointment. Let us know how everything goes!