Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three Months

Oh, Avery.  How did you ever get so big that we are counting your age in months and not weeks?  You are three months old now, and looking at you I no longer see a squishy faced newborn.  Instead, I see an actual almost-person human being!  Magic.

You didn't have a doctor's appointment this month, but we're guessing you're around 14lbs and 24.5inches. 

This month your personality exploded, and it turns out you are super smiley, laid back, curious, with a little dash of diva thrown in (you have perfected the "seriously-move-faster-you-guessed-wrong-on-what-I-want-dance-faster-monkey" scream cry). 

You are also super duper into grabbing at things in your activity jungle.

And looking at yourself in the mirror.

 "Does this onesie make me look fat?"

And stuffing your hands as far into your mouth as possible.

"Wanna see me shove this all the way in ma mouth?"

You have so much to say.  We hear a running stream of babble when you are awake.  Someday it will make sense.  I'm afraid you will be saying, "Why did you force me to watch the Twilight movies?  Those were awful."

I never knew it was possible for someone to smile with their entire body.  But when you do, it absolutely makes my day. 

You're a morning person.  Where the crap did you get that?

Mostly, you sleep through the nights, but lately you've been waking up around 4:30am for a quick snack.  I treasure the alone time with you, but wouldn't mind if you wanted to make it say, 10:00pm instead, k?

We finally put away all of your 0-3 month clothing.  Sometimes I get so sad knowing that you will never fit into them again, and I want you to just slow down and stay a cuddly little baby.  But it's so amazing to watch you learn to do new things.  One day you couldn't grab the monkey off of your jungle, and the next day we had to put it back up every few minutes.  I know these next few months will bring rapid growth and development, and we are just going to try and soak it all in.

You are still the best thing we have ever done.  Love you to the moon and back.

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