Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Baby Jesus (or Why Mary is My Homegirl)

Seeing as I am not, in fact, a Catholic I have never really paid too much attention to Mary outside of the Christmas season.  However, since becoming a mother myself, I have been thinking a lot more about Jesus's mom, and the baby Jesus, and I have so. many. questions.

For example, did baby Jesus:
  • spit up down the back of Mary's 30 billionth fresh tunic right before they were about to leave for the market?
  • wait until Mary's cart was full and then decide to go into freak out mode for no apparent reason?
  • have dirty diapers so massive they made Mary say, "Oh, Jesus!" and call Joseph over to look?
  • sleep through the night from birth?
  • be all sweet and nursing and then grab Mary's breast with his baby razor claws?
  • cry for so long Mary made Joseph strap him on the donkey and take a ride around the block?
They wrapped him swaddling clothes, though, so I'm guessing there was some screaming. 

Then the shepherds show up to check out her baby and discuss what the angels told them.  And "Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:19)  Well, I'll bet so. 

See, this new mom thing is stressful.  (And I'm only basing this on my own personal experience, maybe the rest of you paid more attention in the how not to kill your baby prenatal classes.)  Those first few days with your new baby are unreal.  You are constantly worried you will somehow break them, or immediately scar them for life.  I never imagined there would be so many decisions to make in just the first few days, and no one will tell you what to do, they just keep giving you options and being all "It's your decision, mom!" while you frantically look around trying to figure out whose mom they are talking to.  Then they send you home and you Google like you have never Googled before.  And your baby is a normal human.

Then, there's Mary.  Whose baby is most decidedly not just a normal human.  But she does not freak out.  Instead, she treasures it all up and she ponders it. 

So, thank you, Mary, for reminding me to not freak out. Our situations are incredibly different for sure, but I can try to focus less on the unknown and spend more time treasuring moments with my daughter and trusting in your son.   Blessed are you among women, homegirl.


  1. I cracked up reading this and all the others...and may have cried....just a little though. She is beautiful Alison and I'm so so so so happy for you and Sam. Hope to see you guys and meet Avery when I'm in town over the winter holidays.

  2. I finally found your blog! What a sweet post, it all does sound a little terrifying. Even as someone who is not particularly religious, I have always felt a special closeness to Mary. Maybe it's some of the old Catholic roots, the beautiful images of her throughout art history, or just that fact that she was such a great Momma. She always felt so warm and welcoming. :)