Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 Months

Today Avery is 2 months old!  This month seemed to go a little slower than last, which I was so grateful for.  She did a ton of growing and changing this month.  Here are the stats from the doctor's appointment today:
Height: 23.25 inches
Weight: 12lbs 13oz
Head: 16 inches

Basically, she is one big ole healthy baby.  She's currently wearing anything from size 3 months to 6 months, and all of the newborn clothes have been officially retired.  Tear. 

Today was the first round of vaccinations as well, and little bit handled it like a champ.  Sam and I got our flu vaccines at the same time, you know, for solidarity.  Avery definitely screamed her giant little head off, but calmed right down once I was able to hold her again, and she hasn't really been fussy at all today.  We love love love her pediatrician's office, by the way.

Overall, this month has been all about awareness.  Following us with her eyes, smiling, and "talking" have all popped up over the last few weeks.  She zeroes in on us as soon as she hears our voices, and can follow us across the room.  I am also loving the megawatt smiles I get in the morning when I go in to nurse her.  The changing table is still her favorite place in the house and after she's changed we spend a few minutes just reveling in the coos and squeals. 

And then, there's the sleep.  So. Amazing.  We are now getting at least one 5-8 hour stretch per night, and it is fabulous.  Now, I just need to train myself to go to sleep when you do, so I can get the full benefit!

She's still loving the swaddle, "showers", her swing, ceiling fans and nursing.  A new development this month was tolerating the carrier.  Alas, Avery is proving to be kind of a yuppie baby.  She still will have nothing to do with the Moby, but loves her some Baby Bjorn.  (And yes, I have watched every tutorial there is for the Moby wrap, homegirl is just not having it!)  I think she likes that she can see out the sides of the Baby Bjorn better.  Now, instead of hauling the car seat in and out of stores, we just use the carrier.  Avery gets to see what's happening, and I get a little bit of a workout.  Win-win!

We seriously could not love this little girl more.  She brings joy to our hearts and purpose to our days.  Love you to the moon and back, Avery!

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