Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend Sam was off Friday and Saturday, which is a not-so-minor miracle in this household.  Now I know how all you normal families feel :)

Friday night I put on actual lady clothes for the first time in months (as opposed to maternity clothes and / or sweatpants) and Sam and I went out for sushi and Starbucks.  I made Sam take a picture of Avery and I when we got home because there are 3,496 photos of Sam and Avery and 2 of her and I. 

I just have a few comments regarding this photo. 

a) Thanks to Ain't No Mom Jeans for convincing me to try skinny jeans.  I'm not 100% sold, but for $17 (thank you sale at Old Navy!) it was a worthy experiment.  Also, I'm hoping that wearing something with the word "skinny" in it will send a message to my muffin top (or really, let's just call it what it is... mom top) to get it in gear. b) I totally signed up for Weight Watchers again after I saw this photo.  c)Why is my child looking at me like, "Who the crud are you??" Sigh.

"I'm sorry... Do I know you?

Whatever, we had fun and the sushi was delicious!  It was a much needed date night, so thanks to my mom and dad for babysitting. 

Saturday Avery got to experience her first Rangers game!

Avery got too nervous to watch when they were down 2-1.  Man up, Avery.

We were bummed that we weren't there last night when they clinched the division, but it was a happy festive day today knowing that they were in the playoffs for sure.  Naturally, Avery attracted tons of attention for being completely tiny and adorable. 

Unfortunately, we didn't make it all the way through the game because we live on the face of the sun it is still ridiculously hot here, and our seats crept out of the shade.  We didn't think giving her heat stroke would make Avery a fan for life, so we headed out early.   We did, however, stop by the gift shop on our way out and purchase Avery's post-season outfit as all of her other Rangers gear is still too big for her.  Matching Mommy/Daughter shirts aren't lame if they are sports related, right? 

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