Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Plans

I had big plans for today.  A list of chores to accomplish and errands to run.  Things like bedroom organization and menu planning and, well, showering.
But every time I put little bit down in her swing or under her activity mat to hang out for a minute while I got things done, she would express her displeasure.  So finally, I got the message.  I sat and held my baby for the better part of the afternoon.  We read stories and made faces at each other and had a good long heart to heart.

Then the hubs came home and he felt awful.  So I sent him to bed, grabbed Avery and we made a quick trip to the store for supplies.  When we got home I unloaded and made Sam soup and toast and tea, and took it to him on a tray.

Then I nursed Avery and we read some more.  (Side Note: in addition to actual children's books, we're currently reading Her Fearful Symmetry, because, well, she can listen to me read for really extended periods of time, and you can only do so much Cat in the Hat.)

Now, the day is over, and my kitchen and the nursery are still the only clean rooms in my house.  The errands did not get run.  And, um, I never did get a shower.  But I got to see every new smile that crossed tat sweet girls face, and my husband feels well loved (if not actually well), and that makes today a pretty productive day in my book.

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